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About Custom Studio

Custom Studio is an unparalleled and unrivaled software for the Jewelry industry, allowing instant, real time changes to any piece of jewelry with simple, drag and drop features that anyone can understand. This revolutionary software can bring life back to any piece of jewelry. A marketing tool like no other, with a wealth of industry knowledge behind the scenes and the ability to bring the design process into the consumer’s home, Custom Studio will create unforeseen opportunities to lead you into the future of jewelry.

Included Benefits



You and your customers can quickly and easily create a unique piece of jewelry.
Exclusive Catalog

Exclusive Catalog

A jewelry catalog featuring one-of-a-kind pieces ready to be browsed.
No CAD Required

No CAD Required

No CAD training is required to use Custom Studio. Only creativity and a mouse!
Share Your Design

Share Your Design

Instantly share a design through text message with a potential customer.
Important Highlights of Custom Studio

1000+ 3D Product Videos

Custom Studio features over 1,000 one-of-a-kind, exclusive designs, complete with CAD specifications, rendered images, and 3D product videos. We are on a mission to create the world's largest database of 3D product videos that will keep your customers coming back for more!

No CAD Training

Custom Studio has a low barrier to entry. Anyone with basic computer skills will be able to pick up and use this instantly. Your sales staff will not need to be trained to use CAD software to be able to showcase a new design. Just drag and drop to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

100 Million+ Google Images

Google is your best friend! It’s not always easy coming up with a perfect idea from scratch. You, or your Customer, probably have an inkling of what you want. A quick Google Search and you will have hundreds of millions of designs at your fingertips ready to be modified to your heart’s desire.

Customer Image

Allow your customers to see their already special piece in a new light. Take an image of their piece right in front of them, load it into Custom Studio, and transform it right before their eyes!

Share With Your Customers

Finally brought your vision to life? Is it after hours? Send your beautiful new creation to your customers via text messages directly from inside the app. No need to hassle over downloading and emailing. Just a simple text!

10,000+ Additional CAD Design Ideas

Don’t know what you want? Google proving useless? We have one more trick up our sleeve! Check out our catalog of more than 10,000 CAD designs ripe for a revamp. You may find that perfect piece!

Many More Features Coming Soon