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Important Highlights of Custom Studio App
Here are some of the important highlighted features of the app.
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1000+ 3D Product Videos:

Imagine having access to one of a kind designs you will not find in any other catalog - all complete with CAD specifications, Rendered images and 3D product videos...we are on a mission to create the world's largest database of 3D product videos that will keep your customers wanting to visit the app and check out the new arrivals.

We already have 1000+ 3D product videos in the app currently.

3D product videos within Custom Studio App
Edit any Image:

With the app you and your customers have the ability to edit any image within the App and redesign jewelry to individual taste. The best part they also have the ability to sketch a design idea from scratch or bring in any of the 300+ million images from Google search into the app and edit any of them to their taste and preferences......and they can do all of this sitting on their sofa in their living room on an IPAD or tablet, desktop or their cellphone...How cool is that! Now I have perked your curiosity and you want to test drive the app..well call us at 770 394 6727 and let's schedule it.

Edit any product images through Custom Studio App
Hassle free Sharing:

Allow your customers to create, edit and share their favorite jewelry designs with their loved ones. Whether they design their own, Edit an existing jewelry or simply loved jewelry from thousands of designs available within the app, they can share it directly from the app itself.

Hassel Free Image Sharing through Custom Studio App

Know what your customers are saying. Imagine getting customer feedback right through the App. Custom Studio App allows you to share your Google My Business link to your customers so they can review your Business on Google.

Google Reviews Feature within Custom Studio App
Messaging Feature with attachment:

With the app downloaded by your customer he is totally connected with you and can send you messages with images attached and communicate on a private platform from within the app. Checking to see if you can repair an item by attaching an image or needing a new appraisal done by attaching the old appraisal as an image and you can respond back to them one on one. Best of all did I say that your customers can pay from within the need to take a wallet and hand over a CC or cash is required....The future of the Jewelry industry needs these hi-tech applications to entice a new set of customers who are used to shopping on their cellphones.

Messaging feature within Custom Studio App
Broadcast Message:

Now comes the cool part where you can sent a mass broadcast message to your registered app users which will directly arrive on their cellphone as a text message. Whether you want to send it to 10 or 10,000 users you have the ability to let your message arrive on their cell phone within minutes of you sending this out..YES you can use this to let them know of special events, or send over a special offer or send an image of a new great buy you just made for a quick flip many ways you can use the broadcast feature.

Mass Broadcast Message with Custom Studio App
Two way SMS:

Don't miss any conversation of your customer and you, with this two way sms feature. Whether you are communicating using the messaging feature from the app or through text, every message gets pulled up giving you full history of your previous conversation with that particular customer within the app.

Two Way SMS feature within Custom Studio App
10,000+ additional CAD design ideas:

Need Inspiration? Don't worry we have a world of inspiration & ideas for you and your customers. With our 10,000+ CAD design ideas you can never go wrong with designing your own or simply finding the one.

10,000+ additional CAD design ideas
Many More Features Coming Soon!:

Many more features that keep you wanting to go and explore the app that are not listed here...but if I have perked your curiosity it is time to come on board and sign up for this cool app...and you will never have to buy unwanted inventory ever as every item you process an order for will be presold from within the app! Cha ching!

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